“Laura and Aurelio, totally dedicated to their work and with their eyes turned to the sky, have cultivated a simple life tied to the rhythms of the soil with the help of their children Simona and Gilberto…”

The Cobue farmstead has two separate buildings. On the northern side of the main building you can still see the façade of a small convent which preserves its rose window and its lunette. The other building is used as a stable, and for storing tools and hay. The buildings are separated by a wide, slightly sloped courtyard that leads to a secular horse-chestnut tree, a silent witness of the continual passage of the seasons, events, men.

Designated as a long-standing farm from the early 19th century, Cobue was purchased in 1971 by the Gettuli family. The current owner, Laura, looks after the estate together with her husband Aurelio Castoldi and their children, Simona and Gilberto. The Azienda Agricola Cobue philosophy adds only two elements to the fruit of its estate: great professionalism combined with considerable experience, and an authentic passion fed by love for the Earth. They are values and thoughts that guarantee an extremely high quality product that does not bend to deluding market compromises. A “Sincere” product.