“An ancient convent and a secular tree are the silent witnesses of a story which, as the seasons go by, tells about families, men, and the soil…”

With perfect soil for farming and plantations, the Cobue farm and winery is in the picturesque landscape of the moraine hills, a land full of culture and the silent witness of important historical events.

The Cobue estate is where the battle of San Martino was fought on 24th June 1859, with proof coming from numerous maps that show the movement of troops in the area.

It was a decisive place during the development of the 2nd war of independence, where the Franco-Italian army defeated the Austrians. To commemorate the important victory and to remember the many victims, a 74-metre tower dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele, the King of Italy, was erected in 1893 on the hills of San Martino. The tower can still be visited today.

The Cobue winery rises in one of the most suggestive places in Italy, where nature appears its best colours.

Pozzolengo is the southern door of the moraine hills of Garda, the last bastion of Brescia before reaching the provinces of Mantua and Verona.

Here the maquis shrubland blends with the Alpine vegetation, offering a backdrop that is already dear to great characters from the past, such as Catullus and Goethe.

The mild climate creates a pleasant atmosphere that pervades the panorama during every season of the year, wrapping the winery in a jubilation of colours.